2014-06-03 20:01 GMT+08:00 Michal Čihař <michal@cihar.com>:
Hi Edward

Dne Sat, 31 May 2014 12:54:55 +0800
Edward Cheng <c4150221@gmail.com> napsal(a):

> There're some different views about new console, let's
> vote for it then I can continue my work. More discussions
> with Atul Pratap Singh can be found on our mail-list.
> For replace the Query Window:
> Old module show results and replace the whole opener page,
> should console
> * Show results and just replace page content(text results
> display on console too), using ajax
> * Only display text results just like using a system terminal

It seems there is some confusion here, so I'll share my view how this
feature should look like (this is still something what can be
discussed, I don't insist on things being implemented exactly like
this, it's more like a point to discuss):

- The query window should be removed in favor of console, it really
  does not fit well into AJAX application.
- The console should show all executed SQL queries (this includes
  queries generated by phpMyAdmin, eg. when adding privilege or
  altering table), allow to edit or bookmark them.
- The results should still be shown in the main panel, the console
  could list just the summary (like query took 1.2 seconds, 2 rows
  affected, and so on).

On the other side I don't think it makes sense to:

- Show results within the console, we need more space here.
- Remove SQL tab as there are situations when you will want to have
  bigger editor with additional features which really can not fit into
​I mean remove bookmarks, history, and query input
form(not a good idea:)​ )

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