Thanks Michal Cihar for reminding me. I have forgotten about RTL support.

Can we put some more interactive buttons designs that are available at the top of the phpmyadmin.

Also on the home page of phpmyadmin we can show only 2 things. Either to select the previously created database of to create a new one.

Manish Bisht

On 31 Jan 2016 21:51, "Manish Bisht" <> wrote:

Actually my main motive is when the device width decreases the phpmyadmin goes on scrolling. Which all of us don't like so can we make this - if the device width decrease then it automatically converts into menu.

Also Sir Alec Teal I think there are some people who manages there website databases using mobile via phpmyadmin. I am not sure about this.

Manish Bisht

On 31 Jan 2016 21:38, "Michal Čihař" <> wrote:

Dne 31.1.2016 v 15:10 Manish Bisht napsal(a):
> Please check this issue :
> We want to work on this enhancement. So as said by the @ibennetch I
> have started this thread to discuss the work on this theme.
> First of all can we make the left tab where all the databases are
> seen, we can put this tab in the mobile first responsive menu. so that
> on mobi devices the laft tab gets automatically converted into menu
> bar. I have some more suggestions will put as soon as i get response
> from all the members to make phpmyadmin better.
> Hope you all will like this suggestion.

If you want to make phpMyAdmin work on small display devices, it's
definitely not only the theme you will need to change. I'm not opposed
to make things work on the small screens, but I think this really means
completely different UI as current one is not really suitable for touch

Also when talking about left/right, please do not forget that we support
RTL languages as well:

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