2014-06-01 11:03 GMT+08:00 Atul Pratap Singh <atulpratapsingh05@gmail.com>:
Hi Edward,

On Sat, May 31, 2014 at 10:24 AM, Edward Cheng <c4150221@gmail.com> wrote:
There're some different views about new console, let's
vote for it then I can continue my work. More discussions
with Atul Pratap Singh can be found on our mail-list.

For replace the Query Window:
Old module show results and replace the whole opener page,
should console
* Show results and just replace page content(text results
display on console too), using ajax

If I understand correctly, the point above says that when a user executes a query from console, we display usual results in the mail panel (page_content)
as well as text results in the console. Why at both places simultaneously?
* Only display text results just like using a system terminal

Displaying text results in the console just like mysql system terminal, personally I would prefer this point than the previous point. But I don't know if we should plan a web replacement for mysql console or just have the console to display generated queries/logs/bookmarks and not text results.
​Ok, only queries/logs/bookmarks, I must continue my work now.​

Atul Pratap Singh

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