On Thu, Jan 30, 2014 at 12:57 AM, Marc Delisle <marc@infomarc.info> wrote:
Chanaka Dharmarathna a écrit :
> Hi,
> I'm trying to support the feature request [0]. With that we need to think
> about export just triggers, just views, just stored
> procedures/functions/events etc. I think this would be practically needful.
> Anyway, I'm not sure about how we could support this with the current
> custom export form. By adding new radio button (views/triggers/SPs) to
> 'Format-specific options' parallel to structure, data, structure and data
> options ? Appreciate your thoughts on this.
> [0] : http://sourceforge.net/p/phpmyadmin/feature-requests/1403/

Hi Chanaka,
you probably meant checkboxes instead of radio buttons, so that a user
can choose a combination of export sections.

I think that these should be placed under "object creation options" and
"data creation options". Note that you'll need more checkboxes than you
mention, because, to implement this request, a user would want to
disable the normal definition statements likre CREATE TABLE, ALTER
TABLE, etc.

Hi Marc,

I include my suggestions to the custom export form UI [0] using fire bug. I added two elements to the custom export form.
1. The radio button 'only view/trigger/SP' to the 'Format-specific options'
2. The check box 'Add CREATE VIEW statement to the 'Object creation options'

We'll look at how this is going to work.

Item 2 will provide an option to the user, whether to include the view for his export. Basically this will decouple views and tables. This will make as a different feature request.

After item 2 is implemented, user can do export with/without view/sp/trigger. But always export will include at least database structure.

So item 1 will provide an option to not to include database structure to the export. With this option we can hide some options like 'CREATE TABLE options' in 'Object creation options' section which we don't need.

What do you think on this ?

[0] : http://i.imgur.com/Ri7m4O5.png

Regards !
Chanaka Dharmarathna