[Phpmyadmin-devel] Tow points

Armel FAUVEAU webmaster at phpindex.com
Wed Aug 1 02:22:03 CEST 2001

> Your configure lines looked a little strange, so I looked in the configure
> help. There is no '--with-gzip'. Do you perhaps want '--with-zlib'?

Of course.
Pffft, I am stupid :(
And there is no message, we can even make :

'./configure' '--with-apxs=/usr/local/apache/bin/apxs' '--with-mysql'
'--with-gd' '--with-ftp'
 '--enable-versioning' '--enable-track-vars' '--with-blablah' '--with-bz2'

No problem with the '--with-blahblah' ...

Thanks Ignacio !
You wine a beer if you come on Paris at France :)


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