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Robin Johnson robbat2 at fermi.orbis-terrarum.net
Fri Aug 10 03:07:34 CEST 2001

On 9 Aug 2001, Dan Allen wrote:

> I really think that phpMyAdmin needs more configuration variables...It
> is fine to go ahead and give them defaults which many people will not
> change, but if someone does want to tune the look, it is really
> difficult now.  Here is a general suggestion to start out...
This sounds like a good idea, I could definetly see to have a few
different look versions for some of my things.

> Everytime a table is used with this code
> <table border="<?php echo $cfgBorder; ?>">
> It should instead be
> <table border="<?php echo $cfgBorder; ?>" cellspacing="<?php echo
> $cfgSpacing; ?>" cellpadding="<?php echo $cfgPadding; ?>">
I would actually like more descriptive variable names here, as it could
get too confusing otherwise. If we do this tho, due to the number of
variables, it would be a good idea to keep them in a class just for
organizational purposes. (If the idea below is not suitable for anybody,
i've got an evil way of doing something similar using a single table in a
database and a little tad of code I wrote with a friend, for storing data
like this. 

<table border="<?php echo
$cfgLook.table.border; ?>" cellspacing="<?php
echo $cfgLook.table.cellspacing; ?>" cellpadding="<?php echo 
$cfgLook.table.cellpadding; ?>">

> Here are my other suggestions:
> -  Have a variable for font size (and since windows and unix handle font
> sizes so differently there should be OS sniffing to scale the size)
> -  Like W3C recommends, font-sizes should be in em and not in pt
This would be quite useful, but remember to use the browser for font
sizing too.

> -  There should be more color preferences...such as link color
> backgrounds for hover and all that
And how many browsers support the hover colours? ... Most of the time it
would just be a waste of extra code.

> I have patches for most of this stuff, but phpMyAdmin is changing so
> fast I just can't get a patch made that will work with the
> version...obviously I need to learn CVS, but at least I can make
> suggestions while I am learning.  Please comment on the ideas.
I'm working on something else to help newbies to CVS learn it, but it's
gonna be a while coming, and it's done entirely with a few shell scripts.
when you're ready to want to do something with CVS [only needed once per
robbat2 at fermi:~/cvs$ . MyAdmin
[then change to the directory]
robbat2 at fermi:~/cvs$ cd phpMyAdmin
[update from CVS]
robbat2 at fermi:~/cvs/phpMyAdmin$ sf up
[do some editing of config.inc.php3 & ChangeLog, and check in my work]
robbat2 at fermi:~/cvs/phpMyAdmin$ sf ci config.inc.php3 ChangeLog

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