D-8 (was: [Phpmyadmin-devel] 2.2.0-final: when ?)

Olivier M. qmail at orion.8304.ch
Sat Aug 18 21:26:21 CEST 2001

Bonsoir... :)

On Sat, Aug 18, 2001 at 12:43:08PM -0400, Marc Delisle wrote:
> > Do you think we will manage to fix all the current bugs
> > in the 10 next days ? What are the most important show-stoppers
> > for the moment ?

> A few days ago I wrote to the list:
> --------------
> Will it be bug-free?  I don't think so.
> Will it be the last phpMyAdmin version?  I don't think so.
> Will 2.2.1 be better?  I think yes.
> --------------
> I know that 2.2.0 is a milestone and that it must be good,
> but we can't make it perfect.

ok, right :)

So, let's set a release date, for example in one week ? 
2.2.0-final on Sunday 26. August.  Today is D - 8.

> I will surely not please all developpers, but I think that we can
> release it now, because: using the most popular browsers, and
> in day-to-day operations, this version is stable and useful.

Yes, it is pretty stable :)  Just tested a lots of things,
and only had problems with the user administration pages: 
adding users is ok, but not editing or setting a db to an
user. Could you also make some tries with this page ?

Suggestion for the release plan / tasks list:

[ ] every developper tests so many things as possible, and
    in both modes (adv auth and std), especially file upload
    things, and every new features.
[ ] redesign of the http://phpmyadmin.sourceforge.net/ page
[ ] write a list of major changes/improvements since version 2.1.0
    (the changelog is _way_ too long :)
[ ] check if the security problems of 2.1.0 are really solved
    (wouldn't be nice to get a security advisory just after
    the release...:)
[ ] prepare a kind of "press release", which can then be used to
    announce the release (and reborn) of phpmyadmin to sites
    like lwn.net, php info pages, etc : something in english
    in french would be nice, don't you think ? 
[ ] proof-read the docs
[ ] on wednesday or thursday, I'll pack a 2.2.0-cvs package,
    and ask the people on the users forum to make some last
    tests just in case...
[ ] ... something else ? please add here :)

I'll prepare a draft for the press release the next days,
and we can then discuss it here.

Regards from central Switzerland, with an old but
good 33600 modem... (rediscovered that ssh -C rules :)

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