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some personal mails I got (can't look at it for the moment) 

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Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2001 08:03:32 -0400
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Subject: phpMyAdmin CVS

ot exactly used to working with Beta versions of 
oftwares which are based on something else... 
ike in this case we require php.. mysql etc.
Okie heres my info
pache 1.3.20
ySQL 3.23.40
HP 4.0.6
rowser : Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5
perating System : Windows 98SE
VS Released : 23Aug2001
I know my PHP installation and mysql installation 
s fine.. since the prev. version of phpmyadmin 
et works.. and i do some scripting on this pc.. 
hich works.
As I mentioned earlier.. the left side shows the 
atabase and tables okay.. but when i open 
nything.. the main frame keeps wanting to 
ownload the called page.
As soon as i get used to beta testing on softwares 
ikle these again (been over year or so) i'll 
tart commenting them in properly, sorry to be a 
usisance till then.
Currently I'm testing for PHPEdit.. Its a IDE for 
HP on windows. so as u can guess.. u dont need to 
ention most of the supports u have.. except for 
he os.. and im the one reporting all the weird 
ugs in since i use it in my actual coding.

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sorry, but if you don't tell exactely your setup 
php version, mysql
ersion, etc.) and your browser type, it won't 

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