[Phpmyadmin-devel] online demo is back!

Olivier M. qmail at orion.8304.ch
Thu Aug 30 21:31:57 CEST 2001

Under http://phpmyadmin.sourceforge.net/phpMyAdmin/
and this time, nobody will be able to delete the database
like last time :)  (thanks $cfgAllowUserDropDatabase = FALSE;)

If you add big things to the cvs, think about sometimes
updating the demo, by doing a "cvs update -d" in the
directory  /home/groups/p/ph/phpmyadmin/htdocs/phpMyAdmin

(to connect via ssh: 
  om at vaio:~ > ssh -C -v LOGIN at shell.sourceforge.net
using your sourceforge login.... :)

 Olivier Mueller - om at 8304.ch - PGPkeyID: 0E84D2EA - Switzerland
qmail projects: http://omail.omnis.ch  -  http://webmail.omnis.ch

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