[Phpmyadmin-devel] Using single quotes for better performances

Benjamin Gandon gandon at isia.cma.fr
Wed Jul 18 19:12:16 CEST 2001


I was told that php takes much less time to process a string 
in single quotes because it does not parse it to replace 
escape characters like \n, \t and variables by their value.

I noticed that the phpMyAdmin code could be reviewed in a large 
way so that we use single quotes for every string which need not 
being parsed for escape characters.

Could people wrinting/reviewing code pay attention to that point 
from now on ?

Is it possible to revew the whole code ? Can anybody do that ? 
(the danger is to make conflicts ; one should use locks to avoid 
conflicts and warn all the mailing-list)

By the way: who can add a news on source forge about the rc2 ?
It looks like nobody did...

        Benjamin Gandon

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