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Olivier M. qmail at orion.8304.ch
Sat Jun 2 12:12:12 CEST 2001


As some of you told me, it would be soon the time to release a 
stable version of the current tree. What in your opinon must
be done before ? Here a few personal ideas: please comment or add
your ideas:

[ ] fix the mysql_select_db($db) problem (cf. my other post an hour

[ ] fix (or if it's too much work: move to the -devel tree) 
	the user administration routines  (cf. other post)

[ ] create a FAQ file or page (look at the questions asked
	on http://www.phpwizard.net/phorum/list.php?f=1 : they
	are almost always the same...)

[ ] table view (tbl_properties) : move the "Table type:" at the
	end of the page, as well as the "Table comments:" input
	field. But display the comment (if any) under the title
	(Database ___ - table \n $comment)

[ ] table view (tbl_properties):  move the "Select" and "Insert"
	links higher (before "Check table") : important functions
	should be higher on the page than functions used less often.

[ ] what about using bigger input fields and textareas while
	editing records ? Dynamicaly (if length of field < 40, show 
	a field of the right size, otherwise show a field of size
	40), or by adding 3 variables to the config file 
	(text_field_length, textarea_rows_nb, textarea_cols_nb...)


[ ] record editing: remove "insert new row" if we are not editing
	an entry (inserting a new one), and rename the button
	as "Insert as a new row" (will need a new text label
	I guess).

[ ] when creating a new table (table view -> create table):
	what about ignoring fields when the field name is empty ?
	When creating a table, I (and probalby others :) not 
	always know exactley how many fields I need. What do you think?
	Would be more user-friendly.
[ ] (low priority) add an "about phpmyadmin" page to the code, like
	for example http://admin.omnis.ch/admin2/?A=about 
	(containg the most important links, feedback form, etc.)

[ ] try to contact all the translators to let them update
	their files... (they should all be on the
	translators mailing list : would be the easiest I guess).

[x] have a nice week-end :)


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