[Phpmyadmin-devel] Fwd: phpMyAdmin 2.2.0 modified in japan.

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Tue Jun 5 13:28:06 CEST 2001

I don't whether I'm the only one who received this
mail or not, so I forward it to the list....

----- Forwarded message -----
De: "SAKAMOTO" <ringring at zb4.so-net.ne.jp>
A: "SAKAMOTO" <info at boreal-net.com>
Date: 03/06/01
Objet: phpMyAdmin 2.2.0 modified in japan.

Dear phpMyAdmin Developers and whom it may concern,

Hi, I am Sakamoto from Japan.
I am a web programer with perl, java, php as a
Now I am making a auto install program by myself, all
for apache,
MySQL, php, perl, tomcat, jdk, and many modules for
with a total web site samples. It's name is Risa.
Asp, jsp, php, cgi can run on Risa. This work is
almost finished and
in a few week I'm going to distributed as a free
I am sorry but at the moment only in Japanese and
Korean Language.

Making this program I have tested phpMyadmin and
fixed some bugs.
And I added Japanese and Korean language I
On Japanese and Korean Windows OS I could not read
the pages
in a correct character set. So I added
charset.inc.php and a little bit
modified it.

Now I am distibuting the zip binary file in Japan and
So I just send e-mail to let phpMyAdmin Developers
and who it may concern
know that this modified file is being distributed

You can download the file from the below URL.

Tested with
PHP 4.0.5, MySQL 3.23.38, Apache 1.3.19, Apache-SSL
on win98, win98 se, win2000, winnt4.0 in Japanes and

I will be very happy with your short comments about

Thank you for your early atention.


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