[Phpmyadmin-devel] My whereabouts and near future

Robin Johnson robbat2 at fermi.orbis-terrarum.net
Wed Jun 6 08:36:52 CEST 2001

Hi All,

Just in case you are wondering where I have been recently, I thought I'd
better inform everybody as to whats happening with me.

In a week, my final exams for high school start, and run until the 27 of
June. Then I'll be all done with high school!

Shortly after that I'm going to be in South Africa on vacation for about 5
weeks, till roughly 6th of August.

The final thing, once I get back, I've been offered a developer position
in a new startup, which ironically is going to deal primarily with the
multi-linugal stuff we had discussed on this list and I had explored in my
phpDNS project.

I never did get around to fixing the Thai font bug, so I'm going to
unassign myself from it. The same goes for the detect MySQL feature per

One thing I will say from my examanation of the multi-language systems, is
that it could be implemented in a way that could make life a LOT easier
when it comes to getting translation stuff in.

So for now, it's a goodbye, until I find that I have some more time on my
hands, (or I need a feature added to phpMyAdmin in a hurry and I'm
desperate enough to do it myself, which will probably happen)

Robin Hugh Johnson
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