[Phpmyadmin-devel] Re: misc. messages from Marc

Loïc loic-div at ifrance.com
Fri May 4 19:30:19 CEST 2001

>I suggest this:
>in select_lang.inc.php3, just before the require, add this:
>require($lang_path . 'english.inc.php3');

Hum, that's of course the easiest solution for us. But as the
'select_lang.inc.php3' script is called many times within a phpMyAdmin
session I wonder if it's the good solution in terms of server charge.

>About this new tracker: do we have to send all
>translations requests to both the tracker and the
>phpmyadmin-translators list?

As to me the tracker would only be used to put a finalized new or updated
translation, while the mailing-list would be used for questions and debates
about translations. Just my 2 cents...

[About CVS write access]
>Merci!  sais-tu combien de temps ça va prendre?

Pas exactement ooops... Not really. Three monthes ago you had to wait for
about two weeks, but it seems delays have decreased nowadays.
BTW you could ask for a support request from the SF main page.


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