[Phpmyadmin-devel] Re: RC for 2.2.2 (indexes editing,....)

Marc Delisle DelislMa at CollegeSherbrooke.qc.ca
Fri Nov 16 06:53:02 CET 2001

Loïc a écrit :

> To all: two questions about indexes...
> 1. Do we still need "Primary, Index...." to be displayed in the table
> properties
>     for each colums? IMHO the patch from Michal is enough and those features
>     are deprecated.

Difficult question :)  For developers it would be easier to maintain only the new style of index

For experimented users, I think it would be cleaner to remove the links and always use the new index

However, beginners (and maybe pros) will prefer some quick links to click, than go to a separate
index page.

> 2. What to do whith indexes while creating a table? Should we keep this
>     feature as is (maybe just replace the three checkboxes by a combo) or
>     extend the index creation so it looks like the patch from Michal?

I would prefer to remove completely the links and put a message saying that now, phase 1 is fields
creation and phase 2 is index creation, available on the properties page.

Maybe go automatically to phase 2!

The new index module needs to have the fields already created, so we will have to have 2 phases.

But there will be complaints :)

If we keep the current checkboxes, users will think that the index possibilities in phpMyAdmin are
quite limited.  If we remove them, they will see the complete index module on a separate page.


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