[Phpmyadmin-devel] Storing Server Configuration in Database

Roland Knall roland.knall at web.de
Sun Nov 18 06:51:23 CET 2001

Hi Everyone

First I want to excuse if this task has already been discussed. I do not want 
to produce overhead ;-)

I am working with PHP and MySQL all day long, and have to work with several 
customer databases. Therefore I have every database in the config file. 
Adding a new database is really inconvinient, and I simply hate the way it is 
done. Not because it is not useful, but simply because I have to leave the 
Browser window. After adding a 6th database this morning, I decided to do 
something against it. Here is what I have done:

The Database configurations are being stored in a database table. In the 
config.inc.php the $cfgServer entries have been removed, instead some 
$cfgDBServer entries have been written, to select the database in use. 
Adv_Auth entries can either be entered globally by setting


or database specific by setting the corresponding database entry.

libraries/common.lib.php has been expanded by adding a short (starting 
at about line 300 ) If clause which checks for $cfgDBServers being TRUE, 
unsetting $cfgServer if this is the case, and reading the entries from the 
Database table. Therefore existing configurations have to be proted to the 
database, I guess you could uncomment the unset($cfgServers) statement 
without any problems, this was simply not what I wanted it to do. 

Localization in the error messages is not being done by now, the errors occur 
in english.

I append the additions to common.lib.php  and config.inc.php as diff against 
the current Release Candidate ( 2.2.2-rc1 ) version. I do not know if it 
works against CVS, but should do so without any problems. Keep me posted, if 
it works and what you think of it.

CU Roland
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