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Tobias Ratschiller Tobias.Ratschiller at maguma.com
Wed Sep 12 00:23:02 CEST 2001

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Subject: phpmyadmin 2.2.0 feedback

> Hi there!
> I think the new release of phpmyadmin is great, apart from the fact that
> laptop only runs at 800x600 and the new screen format with the extra type
> column in the edit screen pushes the display way off to the right. This
> means that if I edit data using phpmyadmin, I can't see what the field
> are.
> This is obviously a problem for me, and will be a major pain in the butt.
> it possible in the next version to turn this feature off? I'm not sure why
> it was added, because I know what the fields I created were, and don't
> consider being reminded of them necessary. Anyway, basically I can't see
> field names when I edit, which makes it silly to use for this purpose.
> My colleague thinks I'm in the minority on this, but what can I do? I've
> an 800x600 laptop, and I'm not going to upgrade for the sake of
> Unfortunately my colleague isn't about to deinstall it, so I'm stuck with
> it.
> I'm sorry if I sound a bit miffed. I think phpmyadmin is a great piece of
> software, and I use it all the time! That's basically why I'm annoyed -
> because it's now a lot trickier to use!
> Maybe there's an option somewhere to turn this off in the code for it?
> not looked at the source code before, but I could probably switch it off
> given a general direction.
> Can you help?
> Best wishes,
> Rob Galbraith.
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