[Phpmyadmin-devel] Testing PMA with php4.0.8-dev

Loïc loic-div at ifrance.com
Wed Sep 19 08:21:01 CEST 2001

Hi again!

I'm facing some annoying "flex scanner errors" with
the new scanner used by php4.0.7-rc2 and php4.0.8
when php is loaded as an Apache module.

Zeev Suraski & Daniel Beulshausen are working on
this problem and it would be helpfull if somebody
can confirm (or not) this bug under a *nix plateform.

The way to face this bug:
- load php4.0.7-rc2 or php4.0.8-dev as an Apache
- load phpMyAdmin (no problem here),
- then manually refresh the frameset (clicking on the
  convenient button of your browser) about ten times
  (under winwin 2 or 3 times are enough to face the
- the message for the error is "flex scanner internal
  errors... etc"


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