[Phpmyadmin-devel] Bugs #461192 & 463683 and 2.2.1 release and bug

Loïc loic-div at ifrance.com
Tue Sep 25 08:13:02 CEST 2001

Hi List!

I've done some investigations on bugs #461192 and
#463683 and my conclusion is we need a powerfull
parser for "SELECT" queries.

I mean that to fix these bugs and some other ones
that can't be long to be submitted it requires :

1) To be able to get "true" db and table names, even
    if aliases are used in the query (and then
    mysql_fetch_field is not enough) because we need
    these "true" names to modify/delete a record, for

2) To be able to split the sql query in convenient parts
    - what is before the "FROM" (is there a "DISTINCT"
       clause, is the COUNT function used...),
    - what is in the "FROM" part of the query (is it a query
      with a "JOIN" clause or not...)
    - and what are the different clauses after the "FROM"
      part of the query.
    All this is necessary to achieve the first point (get the
    "true" db and table names) and to know the number
    of record returned by the query without the program-
    matically appended "LIMIT" clause.

3) To distinguish the true different clauses keywords from
     the same words used as backquoted db/table/fields
     names or as fields values. I mean for example to take
     into account only the second " FROM " in the query:
     SELECT `my from field`
         FROM my_table
         WHERE `my from field` = 'annoying from in string'

4) To take care of in-line comments and of the "/*!..*/"
    MySQL syntax: the former should be skipped from
    the query while parsing it, the latter should be taken
    into account depending on the MySQL version.
    For exemple whith the query:
     SELECT `my_field`
         FROM my_table
         /*!32340 WHERE `my_field` = 'something' */
   may or may not have a where clause depending on
   the MySQL version and then the total number of
   rows depends also on the MySQL version.

As you may have understand this is a huge work and
I don't have enough free time to work on it now.
Does anyone of you can work on this?

BTW I wonder if we should not release the 2.2.1
version as soon as possible because many bugs have
already been fixed since 2.2.0.


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