[Phpmyadmin-devel] Debate on using newly added PHP (and MySQL) functions in core phpMyAdmin functions:

Geert Lund - SilverSoft Productions glund at silversoft.dk
Tue Sep 25 09:09:01 CEST 2001

> I think this bug has already been fixed in the current
> cvs version but in a different way: a "DISTINCT" clause
> has been added in the sql query used to get the table
> list.


> $dblist  = array_unique($true_dblist);

And this is defenitly also the most correct way to solve the problem - as
array_unique first was introduced in PHP 4.0.0 and by the way was broken in
PHP 4.0.4

This also calls for a general "WATCH OUT" to all us developers - please keep
in mind that "core" phpMyAdmin functions must not rely on newly added PHP
functions - as phpMyAdmin is used on many platforms that has not been
upgraded with the latest software - and according to securityfixes etc. it
would be very bad if ISPs (etc.) won't be able to upgrade their phpMyAdmin
to a newer version (with securityfixes etc.).

So my plea to you guys - carefully think about the consequenses when you
uses a PHP function that wasen't in PHP 3.x.x - often a little bit of
extended - thought thru - code may replace the newle added PHP feature and
secure the downward compability with PHP 3.x.x (and MySQL) versions.

My to minuts worth of wisdom ;o) Comments on this is welcome and appreciated

Kind regards
Geert Lund

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