[Phpmyadmin-devel] Re: phpMyAdmin 2.2.6-rc2 is

Lo�c loic-div at ifrance.com
Mon Apr 15 00:59:03 CEST 2002

Hi Spiggy & List!

>if you use the http auth method (set up as the readme states) and
>login.. it will log you in ok. then when you want to logout, it
>pops up the login box again.. now, if at this point you wanted to
>log back in, it will not work.

Yep, see the documentation about this problem: it is related to the
http authentication headers and not to phpMyAdmin itself.

>so how about a logout page telling 'you have successfully logged

But you don't indeed! The only way to really log out is to enter
three times a faulty user (or the same one you logged out with).
That's why we must keep this way to do, even if not really


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