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Marc Delisle DelislMa at CollegeSherbrooke.qc.ca
Sat Aug 3 08:40:03 CEST 2002

Marc Delisle wrote:

> Robin Johnson wrote:
>>On Fri, 2 Aug 2002, Robin Johnson wrote:
>>>If you have data in a table, and hit browse, the SQL query box has 3
>>>links. "[Edit] [Explain SQL Code] [Create PHP Code]" however, if I paste a
>>>query into the SQL box, such as "Update PMA_relation SET
>>>master_db='foobar'", the result box from that does not have the same set
>>>of links. Could somebody help me figure out why ASAP? This is important
>>>for 2.3.0, as well as my surprise feature (see below).
>>I found out some of this, and cleaned up a lot of the code in the area,
>>plus made it more customizable via $cfg, and fixed a bug with the EXPLAIN
>>I noticed (You could hit EXPLAIN, but not go back from there).
>>I'm closer to the bug, but still working on it.
> To see the links, uncheck "Show this query here again".  The logic in 
> common.lib line 1136
> does not display the links.  I wonder why.

I think it was to avoid displaying the "SQL-query: Edit" link when the 
query is already displayed.
But the IF line 1136 should only control the generation of $edit_link 
and $edit_target, and there
should be 4 IFs at line 1232 to display each link.

>>>On a last note, I'm just about ready to merge my surprise feature, just
>>>tidying it up for PHP clean-ness myself now, but I can see quite a few
>>>people liking it, and it possibly gaining us a lot of respect in the
>>>actual SQL development fields. The only catch is that it has a fairly high
>>>requirements list (PHP XML extension + a few PEAR modules), so it is
>>>disabled by default in the configuration file, with notes that it needs a
>>>lot of things to work.
>>Partial merge is starting, completely non-intrusive.

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