[Phpmyadmin-devel] I am back

Korakot Chaovavanich korakot at shinawatra.ac.th
Tue Aug 27 11:43:04 CEST 2002

Dear Everyone,

I am back now, after a few time of calls.
First I must apologize for having abadon my duty
as a team member. I have switched job from a
(sort of) programmer to a lecturer at a new university.
I will start giving my first lecture "Calculus I" next month
and after a few months (or years ^_^), I may have some
of my students coding in an open source project as a homework.
Not sure if this is a valid excuse anyway. :)

Enough about me. It is to my surprise to see the project
progress so much. I need to spend some time to study
the code again. So much features, but still one on the
top of the list "Function depend on Type" suggested by me
is left undone.

So I start with this one. The change has worked on my computer.
But I need to modify the structure of 2 config vars
 $cfg['ColumnTypes'],  $cfg['Functions'] from simple array to
associative array. Like this

            $cfg['ColumnTypes'] = array(
                'TEXT', ...
            $cfg['ColumnTypes'] = array(
                'TEXT'=>'str', ...
and match the two config and check before display the function
in the dropdown box.

A problem is that, after search for the two config vars, I also
found it inside /library/config_import.lib.php3
Can someone please explain the concept of it?
I guess I can simply change the structure of the two vars there.
But I am afraid that in won't work in case of import old config file.


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