[Phpmyadmin-devel] 2.2.5-rc1 is one week old :)

Emanuel Dejanu edejanu at route66.ro
Mon Mar 18 07:31:31 CET 2002

Hi Marc,

First thanks for the response, second on phpmyadmin.sourceforge.net
you can read:


Main changes/improvements for version 2.2.5:

  Some improvements:
stduser/stdpass are replaced by controluser/controlpass to avoid confusion
with the term 'standard user'
user management: support for wildcard databases
'relation' feature extended to PHP3
fulltext/partialtext support in vertical mode
support for mysql safe_show_database
japanese kanji encoding conversion
optional support to let users change their password
(in 2.2.5-cvs) new language: estonian
do not display the true password after a password change
support for the tabindex feature (on some browsers) to go directly to the
next field when editing


read this "user management: support for wildcard databases". So how can I

Best regards,

Emanuel Dejanu

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in the doc:
If set to a(an array of) database name(s), only this(these) database(s) will
be shown to the user.
Since phpMyAdmin 2.2.1, this/these database(s) name(s) may contain MySQL
     wilcards characters ("_" and "%"): if you want to use literal instances
of these characters,
escape them (ie use 'my\_db' and not 'my_db').

Why are you using a '*'  ?

Emanuel Dejanu a écrit :
> But have you read my message?
> ----------------- MY OLD MESSAGE ----------------------------------
> Hi,
> The "user management: support for wildcard databases" do not work:
> I have:
> $cfgServers[1]['only_db'] = array('rc*', 'dbroot*');
> and the phpMyAdmin say no database.
> What I do wrong?
> ------------------------------------------------------------------
> So is ok to realse 2.2.5 with this bug?
> Best regards,

Marc Delisle

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