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the right list for support requests like this one is
<phpmyadmin-users at lists.sourceforge.net>.
But you can also use the support forum or the support request tracker
wich you can both find on our SourceForge project website:
Alexander M. Turek
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From: Bo Parker
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Subject: [Phpmyadmin-devel] Setting up phpmyadmin

I have seen this issue crop up several times in the forums but have
found no resolution.  I am running iis on Windows 2000, php 4.2.3 and
phpMyAdmin 2.3.2.  I have configured config.inc.php and when I reference
index.php I get the error:
Fatal error: Failed opening required './libraries/grab_globals.lib.php'
(include_path='.;c\php\pear') in c:\inetpub\wwwroot\phpmyadmin\index.php
on line 8 
I wasn't sure if Winzip was unzipping a subdirectory called "libraries"
so I created one of those but got a blank index when I tried that.  I've
opened my php.ini file and changed the include_path = '.' and "." and I
removed the semicolon as well to be sure it wasn't read as a comment.  I
still get the error, but the "include_path=" just changes to read
whatever I change the above to.
I am new to php development (3 days young) and need some help.  If this
is the wrong list ot post this to, I am sorry.  Please direct me to the
proper list.  I am about to start pullin my hair out over this one.
Bo Parker
boparker at mindspring.com


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