[Phpmyadmin-devel] Discussion of Bug #624712

Garvin Hicking squirrel at supergarv.de
Sun Apr 6 11:29:05 CEST 2003

Hi All!

Can you have a look at
and tell my if the fix provied by doug is okay for you?

Basically, this fixes the issue that when using 'same width for all tables' for the
relational PDF-feature, the width of all tables is calculated *after* all arrows are
drawn and thereby positions the arrows incorrectly.

The fix draws the arrows after the boxes. Eventually, this moved the arrows above
the tables in certain layouts. As I am not aware of a function which uses Z-ordering
in fpdf-functions, we should consider whether:

a) to have incorrect aligned arrows
b) to have correctly aligned arrows, but overdrawing tables
c) Do a more complete rewrite of the function.

I tend to use the provided patch (going with method b)) and leave rewriting open for
> 2.5.0.




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