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Frederick Almasa jurixphl at netscape.net
Wed Apr 16 03:46:06 CEST 2003


I'm sending you this letter to introduce to you a
legitimate home based business for a good extra
income. So I didn't waste my time to share to you
this tremendous online business opportunity that
really works. But if this letter bothers you at any
cost, please accept my deepest apology for doing
so. But if not, just lend me just little of your
time and read this.

My name is John Jekishan Almasa. I would like
to invite you to join the time tested
online opportunity.

For the past 6 years the program created a
great name in the online network marketing
world. It generates tremendous number of
subscriptions worldwide. It produces many
successful individuals in all walks of life.
It has an excellent track record to date.

The marketing plan has been improved
frequently to adopt the ever changing online
market and to give the members the maximum
benefits and satisfaction.

It has a high payout compensation plan with
unlimitted and secured residual income streams.
A monthly compensation that you can depend on.

The activities are very simple. No experience
needed. It is designed to work right in your
home. If you have 10-15 hours a week, then you
can easily succeed in this business.

It has an excellent online training site where
you can learn how to succeed in the online
market. The lessons covers, basic and professional
prospecting, leadership, tap root networking, etc.

It has a powerful support system. Its the best
support system I ever encountered. A team of
upline sponsors that will assist you, guide
you and support you in every step of the way
to success. The team would even help you build
up your own downlines. That's what we call
TEAM work.

If you want to have more information about this
business opportunity, just email to:
frexiemail at netscape.net
with the subject "MORE INFO" and remember,it's 
FREE Information and guaranteed no obligation.

Sincerely yours,

John Jekishan Almasa

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altmessage: Hello

My name is Gina Tabar. I am now focusing in one online opportunity.
I have tried several of these online opportunities full of
hype promising us thousands of dollars every month.
I would get all excited and run to my family and friends with
another " Great Money Maker ".

It is a sad fact that many people who are in need of additional
income, are being victimized by these fly by night scam artists.
Every time I tried one opportunity after the other, I ended up
more broke than ever.  Not to mention how embarrassing it was.

As a result of trying all these opportunities, I finally found
the company which is true to their words.  Not full of hype,
but consistently send me the monthly check.
They have given me the best compensation plan with their high
% commission.  I finally have Something my friends and family
are begging ME for rather then laughing behind my back.

I joined for free and couldn't believe what I've seen. I had
over 500 people in my organization in less then 3 weeks.
Within a month of joining this free thing I wasn't really
even serious about, I found myself with over 1500 people in
my down line. I was able to quit my job and stay home with the
kids.  The rent is paid and so are all my utilities.

I didn't have to perform some juggling act to maintain some 60
to 40% balance in my legs.  It is not a pyramid, so there are
no legs.  It is not one of those Binary compensation plan
failures either.  Everyone earns commissions here.

They are providing a real service not the one that simply
transfers wealth from the new signups to the people at the top.
When you join, you will have a team of up line sponsors who will
help you succeed every step of the way.
Instead of being left alone, you will be guided step by step by
real people, not those autoresponders.

Do not believe in do nothing, no recruiting, and no selling
schemes. They are scams. You might want to try it to prove my words.
Be ware of the ones that want you to invest $1200.00 before you
start.  How long would it take you to break even?

Only you can make your own success together with the help of
your sponsors. If you have 2 to 3 hours a day, you will be able
to earn a full income in a few months. And there is absolutely
no limit as to how much you can earn. It is designed to gain
momentum after some time.

But I prefer to avoid such statements as "You will get rich".
I read it everywhere and will not allow myself to sound like them.
I experinced it personally, you can be comfortable.

For more Info email to:  
frexiemail at netscape.net
with the subject "MORE INFO" and remember,it's 
FREE Information and guaranteed no obligation.

Best regards,

John Jekishan Almasa

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