[Phpmyadmin-devel] Feature freeze?

Marc Delisle DelislMa at CollegeSherbrooke.qc.ca
Wed Aug 6 13:14:04 CEST 2003

Alexander Turek a écrit :
> Hi list,
> Marc Delisle wrote:
>>I even think we should stop commits after -rc2 (except for lang),
>>and wait for feedback during 2 weeks, before the final (scheduled) Aug 31
>>st release.
> What do you mean by "stop commits"? Even stop committing bugfixes?
> In this case, I'd rather branch out 2.5.3 after RC2.
> Sorry for using that b-word again, but ... :o)
> Greetings from Spain,
> Alexander

Yes we could branch rc2. Then, the only things that we commit to the rc2 branch
is /lang, and we commit as usual everything to main branch (for 2.5.4 or whatever).

Showstopper bugs in rc2 imply that we rc3.

Anyway, translation tracker should be almost empty at rc2 release day.

Greetings from a cloudy Québec :)


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