[Phpmyadmin-devel] Naming conventions

Rabus derrabus at gmx.de
Sun Aug 17 13:14:03 CEST 2003

Hi list,

As a German, I need conventions and guidelines for everything... :o)

Since we now decided to branch out the releases after feature freeze, I 
thought we could get some kind of order into our CVS tags and branches.
A good guideline for us could be the PEAR coding standards, again:


This would mean, we branch out 2.5.3 into a branch called "QA_2_5_3". From 
this branch, we'd release RC2 and later 2.5.3 releases. For the releases, 
we'd use tags like "RELEASE_2_5_3RC2", "RELEASE_2_5_3", "RELEASE_2_5_3PL1" 
etc. (Let's hope we won't need the last one *g*).
If we wanted to work on a 2.6.0 sometime, we would branch out 2.5.x as 

I like this notation and think that it could be useful for us.

Nevertheless, we sould not use branch tags to mark releases, as we did with 
2.5.2-pl1. :-)

I also wrote to tell you that I'm going to leave good old Mülheim an der 
Ruhr, Germany, tomorrow. During the next six weeks, my new home will be 
Monroeville, PA, USA, near Pittsburgh.
I probably will be able to access the internet there, but I don't know how 
much time I can spend on PMA there since I do an internship there.



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