[Phpmyadmin-devel] 2.5.3-rc3 or 2.5.3 ?

Rabus derrabus at gmx.de
Wed Aug 27 13:10:13 CEST 2003

Mi Marc & list,

Marc Delisle wrote:
> do we really need 2.5.3-rc3? I think we could 
> go directly to 2.5.3 on August 31st.

I disagree.
I remember that it was you who wanted to release RC3 if a serious bug is
found in RC2.

> Alexander's bug fix is the only difference from -rc2,

Yes, and also the other bugfixes about the undefined variables in

> and now with branches we always have the possibility
> of releasing a -pl1.

The should always be the last option for us.

> Voting is open!

Oh, come on, guys, it's just one more week.
We don't hurt anyone if we wait until Sep 7th with the final release:

- For those who want to have the latest version, we'd release a good and
rather stable RC3

- We can keep on working on 2.5.4 without problems - 2.5.3 won't be affected
at all.



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