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MEYTS Michael mmeyts at student.fsa.ucl.ac.be
Thu Dec 4 04:29:03 CET 2003


In order to make an end studies work in the domain of visualization and navigation into a relational database, I would like to use PhpMyAdmin as a library. The purpose of the work is to make another graphical interface allowing the users to navigate through the records of the database following the hypertext links on foreign keys, as it is now implemented into PhpMyAdmin. The difference with wath PhpMyAdmin offers is that the users shouldn't have access to the "administration" functions. Typically, it will work with only one database, showing all tables and records and allowing to follow the hypertext links on foreign keys (with some variants like not showing the value of the key (often an id) but perhaps some other more meaningful value recored in the foreign table) and allowing to make some SQL queries but without write-privileges on the db. No other functionnality is required, the interface must stay simple enough to allow navigation by many "not initiated to informatics" people.

1) Do you think using PhpMyAdmin as a library is possible? Is it enough modularized to allow me to use PhpMyAdmin through an API without much difficulties?

2) Do you have docs showing how PhpMyAdmin is constructed? (Class diagram, include files diagram, a table saying wich file does wath, a document explaining the structure of PhpMyAdmin, or something else) If yes, is it possible to receive this?

3) I think it would be the best to develop my application using PHP but do you know if it is possible to call php functions from Java? (This is possible for C or C++ functions through the Java Native Interface but I don't know for PHP)

In advance, thank you very much for you help,

MEYTS Michaƫl.
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