[Phpmyadmin-devel] Column comments: First patch.

Robin Johnson robbat2 at orbis-terrarum.net
Sat Feb 1 17:41:34 CET 2003

On Sat, Feb 01, 2003 at 06:25:05PM +0100, garvin_mailings at supergarv.de wrote:
> > 2. Seperate patches for each feature/todoitem/bugfix - this is to make
> > your submissions easier to review and add in incrementally. This is
> > partially important with touchy patches like your changes to
> > 'libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3' that change a LOT of code scattered
> > about.
> This will get kind of heavy because I will have to seperate the whole code
> again...
It doesn't matter too much if some little bits slip thru the cracks, but
it definetly helps keeping stuff seperate.

> > For this, do NOT use arrays like you are doing presently, sorry, but
> > they cause some problems with the translations system.
> > Then just attach a patch for the whole language directory as a single
> > patch.
> I just found out that I did submit the wrong diff, which was done from my
> backup-directory instead of my latest working directory -- I diffed from the
> dir, where I also made the first tries for the MIME-stuff, for which the
> array-strings where for. I didn't look into the translation system yet and
> would have noticed that a bit too late. So I can structure the whole thing a
> bit different; even though arrays would be great for descriptions of each
> transformation rule.
Hmm, we hadn't really needed translation arrays before, what might be
possible is in the language files, have it formatted like:
$strTransform_foo = '...'
and then write some code in the main system to transform that into
$strTransform['foo'] = '...'

Can anybody remember what the original problem with putting arrays into
the translation system was? I think it may have been some translator
translating the array indices, either that or some bug with the
translation handling scripts.

> > libraries/build_dump.lib.php3:
> > -         if (PMA_MYSQL_INT_VERSION >= 32321) {
> > +         if (PMA_MYSQL_INT_VERSION >= 932321) {
> > typo ?
> Bug from my wrongly diffed working directory, yes. Shame on me. *darn*
Code review really helps most of the time :-). We really should practice
more Extreme Programming techniques. From my experience they work well,
but the only problem is the amount of extra time needed, and the lack of
refactoring tools for PHP.

> The checks do apply for moving/copying around databases, yes. Works pretty
> smoothly. :-)
So if I rename a db/column/table, the relations table gets updated automatically?

> > Just make sure it conforms to the PEAR coding guidelines, and all should
> > be fine. (do NOT follow their suggestion about using indent on the
> > webpage, it destroys code if you aren't careful).
> My personal coding style (mostly the position of '}') is a bit different,
> but yes, I will stick to them. :)
We all have small style quirks. I really wish that the indent tool
worked properly for PHP, as it would make life much easier. My usual
practice with C++ code is that all files should include a tailer with 
/* indent: (options here) */ that specify the defaults for what the file
is to be kept in. Then when you want to edit the file, you run it thru
indent with your own personal prefences, and use the defaults on it
again when you are done.

> Thanks so far and have a nice week-end,
I really should be doing more studying and assignments for my exam week,
but coding is more relaxing and fun.

Robin Hugh Johnson
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