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Sun Feb 2 13:21:45 CET 2003

Hi Oliver & list,

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> At the end of the tbl_properties_structure.php3 page there
> is, when allowed, the
> 	* Insert data from a textfile into table
> link.
> It's a detail, but do you think it's the right place
> for this link? :)  It has nothing to do with the table structure...

I think someone put it there because he didn't know where else he should
put it. :o)
Imho the whole import stuff is not centralized enough:
We have a link to the textfile import, the docSQL import link is
somewhere else and the upload field for SQL files is on the "SQL" tab...

> Where could we move it ? "Export" has it's own tab,
> so "Import" would ne nice, and display the whole
> form generated by ldi_table.php3.  But there are already
> too many tabs: maybe Export could be renamed to "Export/Import"?
> Other possibilty: move the link to the "Insert" page (would
> also be quite logical), or to the Operations page.
> What do you think? :)

Well, some time ago, I suggested to move the query box to a JS window
that may be opened via a link in the left frame.
If we used this idea, we could replace the old "SQL" tabs (in the db
view as well as in the table view) by an "Insert" tab.
Here, we could put the whole upload and import stuff.
I know this requires JS, but I'm sure we'll find a solution for this :-)


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