[Phpmyadmin-devel] Release cycle

Garvin Hicking me at supergarv.de
Tue Feb 4 02:07:01 CET 2003

Hi Robin!

> Look at it this way for later on, say we want to revert just a single
> feature at some point in time, one of the things you have done. If it is
> all in one big commit, then it is really messy to split it up later on.
> Code has been reverted in the past, as needed.

I see the advantages, but I can't work out how I can technically achieve  
this single patches.

Say I have made five different patches to the display_tbl.lib.php3. I  
create a patch via the 'cvs -udHwbRN' command and pipe it to a file.  
Should I now manually edit the huge diff-file and split it into the  
several patch files?

BTW, how can I apply a single external patch file to my cvs tree?

My CVS-problem BTW has disapperead. It was the 6-hour limit of  
sourceforge. Because I thought SSH-login worked, I thought it has to also  
work with cvs, but that was a wrong thought. :-O

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