[Phpmyadmin-devel] PHP3: $function()?

Garvin Hicking me at supergarv.de
Tue Feb 4 19:12:03 CET 2003

 Salutations, phpmyadmin-devel!

I today finished the JavaScript popup SQL query window (nice term ;-)  
which works quite nicely. Think you will pretty much like it. :)

I now started on the mimetype-stuff and have a question for you who have  

Is variable function calling possible in this version? Something like  

It's because I'm implementing something like a transformation-plugin  
directory. Every php file is a transformation on its own with a specific  
filename. Inside the file the function should be called like the filename,  
so I would like to do the following:

1. Find out the mimetype and transformation for a field
2. Search for the php-file which contains the transformation
3. Include that file
4. Because multiple plugins can be called on a single page, a single  
function name is not possible. So I now want to call the included function  
with $transformation($buffer, $options).

I somehow guess, that this is not possible with PHP3? If you, can you as  
well check  if this leads to a parse error:

if (str_replace('.', '', PHP_VERSION) > 403) {

If it does I would have to include this function call from another page,  
which will surely be a major performance hit for larger result sets. :-\

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