[Phpmyadmin-devel] PHP3: $function()?

Garvin Hicking me at supergarv.de
Wed Feb 5 05:07:07 CET 2003

Hi Rabus!

>> which works quite nicely. Think you will pretty much like it. :)

> Great. Could you submit a patch to the patch tracker so we can test it?

I will do so as soon as I got the mime-stuff working. At the moment I have  
a huge working directory with 10 different fixes/new features. I will  
split them up to different chunks from the big file. I'm afraid I don't  
get the usage of splitdiff and how I can consequently update diffs without  
interfering themselves. So I will split it up manually as soon as my work  
is done. Expect all patches by Monday or Tuesday. Maybe earlier, it  
depends on how good everything is going.

BTW, how can I include non-added files to my diff? I created severl of  
them, and they don't show up using cvs diff -udHwbRN. BTW, patch file size  
is currently 100kb and growing...


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