[Phpmyadmin-devel] Be inspired

Garvin Hicking squirrel at supergarv.de
Sun Feb 16 03:34:08 CET 2003


> Being inspired by Michal's new documentation layout and the idea of patch
> #685279, I coded a nice little patch. It still has some bugs, but it's just
> meant as a preview.

I like it...it's a good alternative for the leightweight-left frame! I think it
should be integrated optionally for an upcoming release. It would be great if we
could incorporate my changes for db/table aliases to the dropdown, because it
affects its output.

> Imho, it makes the left frame completely obsolete and we won't have to
> refresh the page title or the left frame anymore.

Don't drop frames, make them optionally. I'd go berserk if I lost the ability to
click on 'browse table' on any opened DB-hierarchy on the left. :-)


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