[Phpmyadmin-devel] Resize Example

Garvin Hicking squirrel at supergarv.de
Tue Mar 4 03:41:14 CET 2003

Hi Brendan!

> I was aware of the script errors but they weren't effecting the page on
> my computer. Here is the same page with the functions.js file embedded,
> that should fix the js errors. If not, just let me know.

This works for me pretty good...

> Look just below the table of data for the resize idea.

...and I love the idea! Maybe we should think about where we could place that field,
it currently is somehow 'out of design'. Maybe a dropdown would suffice and thereby
not taking up to much space.

But, I really like the idea and would love to see that implemented. Can you tell if
the script works in mozilla? I think we could drop NS support for this feature but
it should be able to work with Mozilla...?!


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