[Phpmyadmin-devel] Resize Example

Ferguson brendan at knightsweb.net
Wed Mar 5 10:14:06 CET 2003

...and I love the idea! Maybe we should think about where we could place

that field,

it currently is somehow 'out of design'. Maybe a dropdown would suffice

and thereby

not taking up to much space.


What about something like this. Ideally the rotate headers should be
done without a page reload but I didn’t find a way to do that. The
repeat headers should also be displayed without a page reload, but this
may take some time to implement and error test.


But, I really like the idea and would love to see that implemented. Can

you tell if

the script works in mozilla? I think we could drop NS support for this

feature but

it should be able to work with Mozilla...?!


This version works in ie4,(5 on mac) ns6 and moz (around version 1.0.0)
This is what I gathered from the online help for the js I used. The only
browser here that I have tested is ns6.




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