[Phpmyadmin-devel] image/jpeg: inline transformation

Garvin Hicking hicking at faktor-e.de
Tue Mar 18 02:33:10 CET 2003

Hi Michal!

> I will probably fill bugreport and look more deeply in that :-)

Thanks for your report. I haven't tested the transformations very
thouroughly, and just found a bug which solves your "BLOB" display issue for
text-transformations. I will check a fix in shortly.

With the inline image, if it works after clicking, there has to be a problem
with your GDLib. Because getting the data in transformation_wrapper for both
image and thumbnail is the same code. It only differs that the GDLib code
resizes the JPEG data. I'll try to keep an eye on it, maybe Marc can help
out here...

> image/jpeg: plain - I get "<img src="%s" border="0">"

This one is still work in progress, you're right. :)

> text/plain: link - I get "<a href="%1$s" title="%1$s">%1$s</a>"

There seems to be some problem with printf() replacements....


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