[Phpmyadmin-devel] We've got our ChangeLog back!

Alexander M. Turek alex at bugfixes.info
Wed May 7 16:22:15 CEST 2003

Hi list,

Please have a look at our CVS tree:

Our ChangeLog is back, but it looks like the SF people used a backup to
restore all files.
This is indicated by the ChangeLog's revision number (1.2352).
Marc, it looks like you have to re-merge your latest changes.

But I wonder what to do if this happens again - with more important files
and bigger changes.
My idea is to implement a simular service like snaps.php.net - we could use
my private server if you want - that regularly downloads CVS snapshots and
stores e.g. the last five ones.
If we did so, we'd have automatic backups and besides a nice little service
for our users :-)


Alexander M. Turek
<alex at bugfixes.info>

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