[Phpmyadmin-devel] Re: PHP 3 Compatibility

Michal Cihar nijel at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Nov 19 03:08:03 CET 2003

Hi all

moving this duscussion to list, because I thing it should be there :-)

Original message (Garvin Hicking, 19.11.2003 11:57):
> a) Wait until after 2.5.5 RC1 and apply changes to HEAD then.
> Pro: No hurry for now.
> Con: I might not have the time then :)

No need to wait, if you have time :)

> b) Branch off a QA_2_5_5 tree now, make the RC out from that branch
> and apply my changes to HEAD now.
> Pro: Work can start immediately, a quite stable 2.5.5 release.
> Con: Later PHP4-enabled release

We will say that we don't support php3, but the code will still contain
many things for php3...

> c) Branch of a PHP4_QA tree, apply my changes to that branch, merge
> the changes to HEAD later on.
> Pro: Agitate on a 'secure' branch, work can start immediately
> Con: Maybe harder to merge afterwards, less people testing it (because
> CVS snapshot is from HEAD, and people using CVS directly will most
> likely use HEAD as well).

People expect HEAD to be the currently developped one, changing this
confuses them.

> d) Make changes to HEAD. Make 2.5.5 the first PHP4-release, thus
> moving the 2.5.5 RC1 about 1-2 weeks later and having huge changes in
> that 2.5.5 release.
> Pro: Making a real worthy 2.5.5 release? Work can start immediately.
> Larger testing user base.
> Con: No 2.5.5 release with the latest features, moved schedule.

Good solution. If there are not any things that are worth of releasing
quickly, I'd prefer this.

	Michal Cihar

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