[Phpmyadmin-devel] WITH GRANT OPTION

Rabus derrabus at gmx.de
Mon Sep 22 10:54:03 CEST 2003

Marc Delisle wrote:
>  From the manual:
> "The WITH GRANT OPTION clause gives the user the ability to 
> give to other users any privileges the user has at the 
> specified privilege level. "
> I would be interesting if the Privileges pages could be used 
> for normal users that have WITH GRANT OPTION.

Sure it would.

The problem is that although those users may change a user's privileges,
they are not automatically allowed to view the current privileges. This
makes developing a GUI for this purpose really hard.

We could use the conroluser to read the privileges the current user may
alter, but this should not be the default behavior of phpMyAdmin.

While revising server_privileges.php3, I thought about splitting it up into
server_privileges.php3, db_privileges.php3, tbl_privileges.php3 and
libraries/privileges_common.lib.php3. If I did so, I could try to find a way
to merge this feature.



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