[Phpmyadmin-devel] FYI: MySQLAdmin

Garvin Hicking phpmyadmin at supergarv.de
Fri Jan 23 01:37:02 CET 2004

Hi Marc & Alexander!

>> I have already seen other products in this category (but not
>> from the MySQL company).

Yes, I also looked at some bad ones which didn't get my interest.
Seems we all share that experience. ;)

> A web interface gives you more mobility than a local admin tool ever
> could.

I completely agree to that. Even though MySQLAdmin may get a great
(and complete!) application, it will never replace the use of PMA as a
web application.

> Maybe we can copy some concepts... erm... get some inspirations from
> it. :-D

That - erm - was my intent of my FYI. I think we may get a good clue
on what MySQL thinks to be official. I'm curious to what they'll pack
into this. I was not yet able to see if the application will be GPL or


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