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MK Keck mkkeck at
Wed Nov 17 07:37:02 CET 2004

  Hi Garvin,

  long time ago, I hade same idea with the redesign parts.
  Now I've found a good Online Wysiwyg called TinyMCE on sfnet.

  Now I'm patching this editor just a little for my work on a
  project (for my normal job).
  It's nearly full compatible with pma, because I've replased
  many hardcoded things with php for my job now.

  I think I may be able to merge the wysiwyg for soon as possible
  ... round about 2-4 weeks and will come up with

  - image library (upload / browse)
  - linkbox (search on server, ftp, http)
  - w3c xhtml 1.0 (I'm still working on it, something goes wrong)

  The only terrible is:
  I would to be able to patch TinyMCE to KHTML-support, but no
  good documentations found now. Today it works 'only' in Gecko-based
  and MSIE based (but not Mac) browsers.
  I've tested with Mozilla 1.4 and Firefox 0.9 (Win/Linux)
  and MSIE 5.5 MSIE 6.0 (WinXP).

  Michael Keck

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> Betreff: [Phpmyadmin-devel] Input Transformation System
> Hi All! (Kyle, I CC'ed you to draw your attention here)
> While digging through our SF.Net request tracker, I spotted a rather nice
> feature request:

Basically it's about allowing users to hook into our editing/insertion
just like the Transformation system now does for displaying data.

I do think this is a very worthful addition for PHP-Developers working with
The implementation is quite straight-forward and should be implementable
enough time (but without any serious problems) - I outlined my imaginations
the feature tracker.

My time currently is quite limited, so if Kyle can take on the job, that
be perfect. If he doesn't have time I still would love to see this feature
implemented, and I'd try to work on it in Januar/February, where I should
more time.

The only thing I'm a bit afraid of is that this needs a change of our PMA DB
structure, and how to best upgrade tables. Anyways, that can be dealt with
later.  ;)


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