[Phpmyadmin-devel] Roll 2.6.1-pl1?

Marc Delisle DelislMa at CollegeSherbrooke.qc.ca
Wed Feb 23 09:57:59 CET 2005

Alexander M. Turek a écrit :
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> Hi devels,
> I suggest to roll 2.6.1-pl1 because of bugs #1149381, #1149383, #1117907
> and #1111855. 2.6.2 is not stable enough, imho, so a -pl1 release looks
> like the best idea to me.

Yes for 2.6.1-pl1. But 2.6.2 looks stable to me, it's just that we 
should do the proper -rc cycle with it.

> The first two bugs are security related and should be considered to be
> serious (as discussed on the private mailing list). I'm still awaiting
> an answer from the original reporter of bug #1149383, but as far as I
> can tell, my hotfix should do the job for now.

Let's wait one day for feedback.

> Bug #1117907 affects our php 4.1.x compatibility and bug #1111855 makes
> phpMyAdmin unsuable to our Japanese friends. A quick fix for those two
> bugs shouldn't be a bad idea, either. :-)
> Fixes against all four bugs are already merged from HEAD into QA_2_6_1.
> Marc, your fix against #1149373 looks rather trivial. Should we merge it
> into QA_2_6_1?

I will merge it. I think I will also merge this one:


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