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Alexander M. Turek me at derrabus.de
Tue Nov 1 06:50:08 CET 2005

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Hi Michal & list,

I've sent a few screenshots to Sebastian because they did not make it to
the list. Please finde them here:


Michal Čihař schrieb:
>>Yes, but with the same browser settings, the default theme in 2.6.4
>>displayed a font size that was much smaller and "correct".
> What is "correct" half of settings I have in browser?

"Correct" means, that the font sizes should match relatively to each
other. But they don't always, as you can see on original-2.7.jpg.

> We were using small font size before, now it is normal.

phpMyAdmin ist not a content management system. We do not display text
decoments, we display data, sometimes a lot of data.

For this purpose, we need to stick with small font sizes, imho.

>>In Firefox, I have to hit ctrl/- twice to go back to the same size as
>>in 2.6.4.
> Just set fonts you'd like to see in firefox.

So, I set the font sizes according to what I like them to be in PMA. And
 the same thing for google... and for SourceForge... Hey, why don't I
just create different browser profiles, one for each website I'm going
to visit and for each web application I'm goint to use in my hole life...

I know, that I can tell my browser what font sizes to use, but I don't
see, why I suddeny have to - as the old values were always fine for



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