[Phpmyadmin-devel] Re: Catching up with you

Sebastian Mendel lists at sebastianmendel.de
Thu Nov 3 03:01:55 CET 2005

Alexander M. Turek wrote:

>>> In Firefox, I have to hit ctrl/- twice to go back to the same size as
>>> in 2.6.4.
>> Just set fonts you'd like to see in firefox.
> So, I set the font sizes according to what I like them to be in PMA. And
>  the same thing for google... and for SourceForge... Hey, why don't I
> just create different browser profiles, one for each website I'm going
> to visit and for each web application I'm goint to use in my hole life...

no, web-sites/applications like sf, google, pma aso. should not set 
generall font-size at all!

font size should be set by user in browser!

and by default this font-size is equal to system font size

so all this sites will display in the same font-size, with beeing the 
same as like in your writer, mail app, fiel browser aso.

and than only on special places or special content will alter the 
font-size, like h1 (120% or 1.2em or big)

or footnotes (0.8em or 75% or smallest)

Sebastian Mendel

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