[Phpmyadmin-devel] queryboxes

Sebastian Mendel lists at sebastianmendel.de
Tue Sep 27 06:22:37 CEST 2005


i will now (or at least in a few minutes) checkin the new 'queryboxes'

affected by this checkin are:

all queryboxes/sql tabs:
  - server_sql.php
  - db_details.php
  - table_prperties.php
  - table_prperties_structure.php

and the querywindow, of course

changes are as follows:

  - tables replaced by fieldset
  - changed all fieldset background-color like the new import
  - moved the whole code into a new lib file
  - moved any style relevant html and css into phpmyadmin.css.php
  - tbl_query_box.php deprecated

PLEASE test all!

Sebastian Mendel

www.sf.net/projects/phpdatetime | www.sf.net/projects/phptimesheet

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