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Fri Aug 11 09:23:53 CEST 2006


I've developed a mini cms (no wysiwyg-editor) for other pages.
But this is mysql driven, so we need a mysql-db. Perhabs it may
be possible to patch this for the pma-homepage.
If you can give some requirements, I will know, what's needed.
Perhabs it may be possible, to support more languages on the
homepage (english, german, french).


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Mail from: Michal Čihař
Date: 10.08.2006 15:10
> Hi all
> I just wanted to add information to themes page that themes can be seen
> on my demo server, but I didn't because ssh connection to sf.net is
> damn slow and editing using this is almost impossible.
> This problem reminded me another troubles which are with our current
> website (eg. links opening insanely in new window, RFE #1351605). How
> about switching to some CMS which will allow us more comfortable remote
> editing and content updating?
> I know this would include lot of work and I have almost none knowledge
> about what system to use for website as I never needed such think.
> While doing this, I think we should also provide some wiki for user
> contributed documentation (and probably also for developer docs).
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